Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The show on the Lebanon with co - host Abdul Haseeb and telephone interviewees Michaél Mac Diaramda and Dr. Abdul Sayegh today was a great success and one listener send in an email saying:

"Hi Thomas,

That was one hell of a great show with the Irish guy building in South Lebanon. Can you send me his email and web address. Would love to hear him again on your show


thanks - Michaél has already agreed to do a follow up radio show, please watch this space for updates!

Monday, October 30, 2006

all six shows that Thomas puts out on LIBER8FM are now up on the internet for a preview.
Have a look and make sure to listen in:
Every Friday between November 10th and December 15th 2006 from 10 p.m. - 11 p.m. on LIBER8 FM 107,3FM

Thursday, October 26, 2006

o.k. - obviously some people have had their difficulties with the rather long www.indepthradioshow.blogspot.com therefore in 2007 you just have to type in www.indepth2007.blogspot.com
hope that helps!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

NEAR FM and IN-DEPTH are proud of the success the show enjoys and we would like to share some of the comments made by Thomas Janak´s guests and listeners:

"I appreciated the time you took during the interview to make it as non-traumatic as possible.Wising you all the best for a successful programme season! "

Connie Jeske, interviewee on “09/11 – 5 years on”

"Thanks for having us on the show. We both really enjoyed it."

Dave Bailey, studio guest “Free Leonard Peltier”


"Hi Thomas,Good to speak with you just now, and thanks a lot for supporting me on the AIDS2006 Toronto feedback here in Concern ... "

Breda Gahan, Global HIV/Aids advisor for Concern Worldwide


" I heard the In Depth programme, it was very good.Actually I missed my interview as I could not get through the radio initially. Can we get a copy of the interviews? Thomas, it was great to hear your voice again. Thanks and kind regards,Gomathi"

Gomathi, Concern, India


"Hi Thomas. Thanks for taking the time to speak with Naomi yesterday in relation to ABC. Naomi really enjoyed the interview and was grateful for the opportunity to discuss ABC in such detail."

Helena O´Donnell, Irish Cancer Society about stduio guest Naomi Fitzgibbon

Thomas does the sound for the 5 - day run @ Liberty Hall / Dublin
Pump up the volume ...
Although not entirely IN-DEPTH related, it is worth noticing that the "Raising Awareness" theatre company currently shows a play called "2 B HIV OY?" at Liberty Hall. IN-DEPTH host Thomas signs responsible for delivering the music and sounds on cue.
2 B HIV OY is written by a lady who works in a HIV/AIDS ward in Dublins St. James´s Hospital and the play in fact is based in such a ward.
There you´ll meet people like Ali who spend 10 years in Mountjoy Prison, Damo and Rebecca both drug addicts, Edward who is gay and Connor who contracted the virus through a blood transfusion and find it difficult to cope.
The play deals not only with stereotypical high-risk groups but also features the appearance of GOD in more than one scene with the profound message that God is anything and everywhere and that he is concerned about the often man-made disasters.
Check out the rest of the year by clicking on the link above!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The IN-DEPTH show on "Interculturalism" with studio guest Jacob Nwasota, originally scheduled for October 24th has been cancelled.
Instead, IN-DEPTH reports on a special event run by AFRI (Action from Ireland) about the need to protect seeds in order to substain living.
The 1-hour special which goes out between 3.30p.m. - 4.30p.m. as usual on Tuesday, October 24th 2006 features the speech of Clare O´Grady Walshe who works with Afri´s development education programme, an exclusive interview with Clare, interviews with Joe Murray, Éanna Ní Lamhna, musician Ronan James, people from the audience and the show also features songs by Ronan and the talented Eithne Ni Chatháin.
The rest of the schedule right through til December remains intact!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So many people unfortunately have difficulties listening in to IN-DEPTH because they feel the show goes out a bit too early in the day (3.30p.m - 4.30p.m.) - for the time being there is nothing In-Depth host Thomas Janak can do about it. But below you´ll find all the audiofiles of pieces that have been made available to "re-live" on NEAR FMs podcast for your convenience ...
Snippets from the show on animal welfare from October 3rd 2006 with studio guest Sarah Gunter from the East Galway Animal Rescue Centre
Thomas talks with Mark Guerin and Gavin Byrne about paranormal investigations.
Recorded on the 8th of August 2006
Interview with Robert Goerl (DAF) – German Language
Thomas speaks to pop group “Sparks”
Thomas speaks to Paul Humphreys former member of pop group OMD.
The show premiered as “the feature of the week” on our befriended radio station LIBER8FM and was a great success. We hope you enjoy the following selection of interviews which formed and form a vital part to Thomas’ show.The first of which is Nearfm’s Jimmy McDonnell speaking about snooker player Jimmy White.
What is racism? – a question discussed by Trinity College Students.
Thomas speaks to a vet from the Blue Cross.
We hear from Intercultural Centre volunteer day.
Thomas speaks to Deborah Rees about safety at concerts
On this edition of Encore we hear some special broadcasts to celebrate World Anti Racism Day which was on Tuesday 21st March.

First we join Thomas Janek as he speaks to Asylum seekers from Somalia who held a demonstration outside the Dail.

Next we join Ger Dorgan for a special programme talking to emigrants about their experiences on coming to Ireland.

This edition of Encore was broadcast on Saturday 25th March 2006
This special edition of Encore focuses on Animal Roghts issues.
We hear from the Global Solidarity programme as Thomas Janak speaks to Mark Beasley of the ISPCA and also Dave Neill of Animals Asia Foundation.

Next we join Enviro with John Haughton as he speaks to Marianne Bartlett of Concern In World Farming.

This edition of Encore was broadcast on Saturday 14th January 2006.

The link above brings you the highlights of the recently aired In-Depth show on Animal Welfare especially in relation to the work of the East Galway Rescue Centre.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Every Friday between November 10th and December 15th 2006 the NIGHT TRAIN is coming your way on LIBER8FM (107,3FM)10p.m - 11p.m. Music and Talk with Thomas Janak and John Brogan ... one not to be missed
You can listen in live: www.digitalhubfm.com

Friday, October 13, 2006

Newly launched radio station "Liffey sound fm" who broadcasts from Lucan will put out a 1-hour special about the XVI. International Aids Conference using footage compiled by Thomas Janak.
The more airplay the more exposure the better !!!

07.11.2006 Community Health Services or the lack of it with studio guest Dr. Anthony Cummings
14.11.2006 The Role Of The Media - a critical inside look with studio guests David Dunn from the Rhadarc Trust and media activist and NEAR FM founder Jack Byrne
21.11.2006 Disabilities with studio guest and fellow radio colleague Brendan Grean
28.11.2006 Common Male Cancers with an unconfirmed guest from the Irish Cancer Society.
05.12.2006 Best of In-Depth Part I
12.12.2006 Best of In-Depth Part II
19.12.2006 Best of In-Depth Part III
26.12. 2006 Best of In-Depth Part IV
Watch this space to find out what exactly will be going out during the Best Of period. You can suggest your favourite pieces by sending an email to: indepth@nearfm.ie

Dave Bailey and Gemma Sharkey in full native American outfit and paint
The pair was on IN-DEPTH (10.10.06) campaigning for the release of icon Leonard Peltier.
More to come this month:
17.10. Cancer with studio guest Naomi Fitzgibbon, project manager with Action Breast Cancer, a facility at the Irish cancer Society
24.10.2006 Interculturalism with studio guest Jacob Nwazota from the Intercultural Centre (www.canalintercultural.com). Check the following link for all that happened without you being there: http://interviewsmittj.blogspot.com/2006/10/what-you-have-missed-so-far.html
31.10.2006 Mission Lebanon with studio guests Abdul Haseeb and Michéal Mac Diaramada
* - all shows subject to change