Monday, April 24, 2006

Even though listeners outside the range of Liber8FM won´t be able to listen to the shows as they being broadcast, all four shows will later be put up under Near FMs "Podcast" section. This will enable people to listen to it all over the world, get to know the show and listen to it when it continues on Near FM in summer 2006.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Concerts are designed to celebrate the power of music and to enjoy every minute of it - the flipside often is that security officers are not trained to break off fights or to deal properly with incidents, often events are overcrowded and there are little or no safety measurements put in place and statistics reveal that there have been casualties in the past from injuries to deaths.

Deborah Rees from SAFECONCERTS in the Uk will be talking to me about her quest to make venues and concerts saver by putting event organisers under pressure. The show also features an interview with Jimmy MacDonnell, who is a big fan of professional Snooker player Jimmy White, and he will tell us how he got to meet his idol and what it actually means to be a fan.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

* Subject to change,
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(Pic: Oliver Wang - Ruixin from Anna Livia FM interviews Thomas Janak during the Chinese New Year festivities in 2005)

Ireland is a changing country and with more and more foreign nationals coming in there are fears surfacing and violence against non nationals is not uncommon. However, there are also many Irish people who do not object foreigners coming in and who think that diversity can be positive. We asked Trinity College (Dublin) students how they define "Racism" and have Jacob Nwazota, Co-Ordinator of the Intercultural Centre in Inchicore/Dublin 8, with us in the studio who tells us a bit about the centre. Further guests are Sally Galiano (Spain), Tatjana Trutova (Russia) and Isaac Okeyemi (Nigeria). The show will again be co-hosted by John Brogan. One not to be missed!!

(Pic: Paul Dunne, Liber8FM Radio Manager)

The participants of the Liber8FM project are about to embark on their 3rd broadcast journey, every Friday and Saturday in May, and everybody receives great training and help to bring the best to the station. Thumbs up to all the people involved with Liber8FM 107,3FM.

The courses are also accredited by FETAC which gives people a real chance to put themselves forward for jobs in any given radio station on the surface of the planet. If you want to find out more please contact the Digital Hub at 01 - 480 6200

Liber8FM is determined to keep up the good work and to make Liber8FM a success story to last. To help their people they are bringing in experienced people from other radio stations who deliver talks and give valuable tips. Apart from Joe Harrington, East Coast FM, who spoke recently my colleague Niamh Farren from Near FM delivers a talk on the "ethos of community radio" on Thursday 13th April.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This show will go out pre-recorded because I will be in the UK participating in the first of three workshops in the quest to become a canine massage therapist. To stay in the spirit this show is all about animals and animal welfare.

I will be talking to Ashley Doran - Wang, a holistic animal healer who helps with energy healing and the use of crystals.

To give you an idea about the state of animal welfare in the country I had a chance to talk to the ISPCA.

This interview is followed by an interview with Dave Neill from Animals in the UK who speaks about the issue of bearfarming and dog- and cat consumption in China.

Apart from that you can "join me" on a great day out with the Blue Cross and listen to what the vet has got to say about their services.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The first ever show of The Feature of the week will be dealing with the current state of the music industry and the subsequent loss of artistic values. I will be joined in the studio by fellow radio presenters John Brogan and George Mulcahy. The show also features informative and lengthy interviews with OneTwo (consisting of Paul Humphreys, Ex - OMD, and Claudia Brücken, Ex-Propaganda) and The Sparks who were interviewed by Thomas Janak in their capacity as influential and established artists who know the business well.

Needless to say that the music featured on the show will be "provided" by the mentioned artists.

The Feature of the week will premiere on Dublin´s Radio Station Liber8FM every Saturday between 6pm - 7p.m. during the month of May 2006. Tune in: 107,3FM


I haven´t decided on topics yet and will keep you posted - so please click back here soon to check any updates!