Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Last Tuesdays´ show on "Lithuania" was great and next weeks´ show called "MusicTalk" will feature interviews with Irish bands The Redneck Manifesto and Aslan. Thomas will be joined in the studio by Aurelie Montfrond, fellow colleague at NEAR FM, who conducted the interviews. After this the AUGUST SCHEDULE will be valid with great shows on HIV and other topics such as the current state of the music industry, a show that Thomas put together on popular demand, after doing a show about it in May on LIBER8FM.

On September 5th INDEPTH looks at EXTREME SPORTS and the remaining weeks of September will be dedicated to all the footage that Thomas brings/brought home from Canada, where he covered the XVI. International AIDS Conference for Concern/Near FM.

Sarah Guenther from EGAR (East Galway Animal Rescue) will join Thomas in the studio on October 3rd to talk about her work and experiences.

More will follow. Please make sure to tune in every Tuesday between 3.30p.m - 4.30p.m. on 101,6 or via internet /livestreaming

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The next In-Depth episode will explore a country little known to us here in Ireland: Lithuania! I will be joined by two beautiful and intelligent woman from Lithuania who will talk about a recent event in Maynooth regarding Lithuania and about everything that is Lithuanian.

The show will also feature a very informative and pleasant interview I conducted with Leanj who runs the Chinese Natural Herbalism Shop in Dublins Aungier Street about ancient Chinese medicine which is still valid in the 21st century.

Make sure not to miss that one. For more see the July and August schedule (scroll down). Contact indepth

Sunday, July 09, 2006

In-Depth looks at the issue of HIV and AIDS in its local and global context on August 01st 2006 and Thomas subsequently travels to Toronto/Canada to cover the XVI International AIDS Conference for Concern.

The footage will also be made available to a worlwide audience using NEAR FMs PODCAST section.

The Conference is taking place from August 13th - 18th 2006 and we will keep you updated with news about it.

In the meantime please check the July and August Schedule for all upcoming shows and make sure to tune in every Tuesday between 3.30p.m - 4.30p.m. on NEAR FM 101,6 - (for worldwide access to the show: /livestreaming)

You can also contact me about any of the shows or any comments you want to make on:

Check July and August schedules!!

Not too long ago Jimmy MacD0nnell talked to me about being a fan of somebody famous. Jimmy is the selfproclaimed biggest fan of Snooker legend Jimmy White. Jimmy even wrote a rap for Jimmy White and was able to present it to him. A copy of this poem is actually hanging on a wall inside Jimmy White´s house.

I finally got hold of the rap and you can read it below:

Jimmy White Rap
Jimmy White is his name
Whirlwind Snooker is his game
One thing is for sure that Jimmy is able
with potting and break-building
he will clear the table
Snooker is a game of skill
particularly when Jimmy beats Stephen Hendry 10: Nil
No doubt about it, that´s certainly true
when Jimmy picks up his magical cue
When his opponents play him
it feels like a storm
when Jimmy finds his winning form
no doubt about, it he has great play
when he wins the major tournaments on the day
If anything else he has great will and fight
because his name is James Warren White
and above all else Jimmy: win the Embassy World Championship at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield
and make it a special night
(Jimmy MacDonnell)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The first show in the month of July took place on Tuesday, 4th July and In-Depth talked about Complimentary Therapies.

Thomas was joined in the studio by Tarot Reader Kate Maher (pic) and Reiki Master/Swedish Body Mssage Therapist Nicole Valentin.

Kate did live Tarot Card reading for a listener and it was very interesting.

Another great show. Check out the July & August Schedule on this page for upcoming shows!