Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thomas does the sound for the 5 - day run @ Liberty Hall / Dublin
Pump up the volume ...
Although not entirely IN-DEPTH related, it is worth noticing that the "Raising Awareness" theatre company currently shows a play called "2 B HIV OY?" at Liberty Hall. IN-DEPTH host Thomas signs responsible for delivering the music and sounds on cue.
2 B HIV OY is written by a lady who works in a HIV/AIDS ward in Dublins St. James´s Hospital and the play in fact is based in such a ward.
There you´ll meet people like Ali who spend 10 years in Mountjoy Prison, Damo and Rebecca both drug addicts, Edward who is gay and Connor who contracted the virus through a blood transfusion and find it difficult to cope.
The play deals not only with stereotypical high-risk groups but also features the appearance of GOD in more than one scene with the profound message that God is anything and everywhere and that he is concerned about the often man-made disasters.
Check out the rest of the year by clicking on the link above!


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