Friday, October 13, 2006

07.11.2006 Community Health Services or the lack of it with studio guest Dr. Anthony Cummings
14.11.2006 The Role Of The Media - a critical inside look with studio guests David Dunn from the Rhadarc Trust and media activist and NEAR FM founder Jack Byrne
21.11.2006 Disabilities with studio guest and fellow radio colleague Brendan Grean
28.11.2006 Common Male Cancers with an unconfirmed guest from the Irish Cancer Society.
05.12.2006 Best of In-Depth Part I
12.12.2006 Best of In-Depth Part II
19.12.2006 Best of In-Depth Part III
26.12. 2006 Best of In-Depth Part IV
Watch this space to find out what exactly will be going out during the Best Of period. You can suggest your favourite pieces by sending an email to:


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