Wednesday, October 25, 2006

NEAR FM and IN-DEPTH are proud of the success the show enjoys and we would like to share some of the comments made by Thomas Janak´s guests and listeners:

"I appreciated the time you took during the interview to make it as non-traumatic as possible.Wising you all the best for a successful programme season! "

Connie Jeske, interviewee on “09/11 – 5 years on”

"Thanks for having us on the show. We both really enjoyed it."

Dave Bailey, studio guest “Free Leonard Peltier”


"Hi Thomas,Good to speak with you just now, and thanks a lot for supporting me on the AIDS2006 Toronto feedback here in Concern ... "

Breda Gahan, Global HIV/Aids advisor for Concern Worldwide


" I heard the In Depth programme, it was very good.Actually I missed my interview as I could not get through the radio initially. Can we get a copy of the interviews? Thomas, it was great to hear your voice again. Thanks and kind regards,Gomathi"

Gomathi, Concern, India


"Hi Thomas. Thanks for taking the time to speak with Naomi yesterday in relation to ABC. Naomi really enjoyed the interview and was grateful for the opportunity to discuss ABC in such detail."

Helena O´Donnell, Irish Cancer Society about stduio guest Naomi Fitzgibbon


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