Tuesday, June 27, 2006

01.08.2006 HIV and AIDS - in its global and local context. This promises to be a very informative and interesting show about a very serious issue. Thomas will be joined by Concerns HIV and Aids advisor Breda Gahan among others (to be announced soon) www.concern.net *

08.08.2006 Paranormal Investigations - Since the dawn of time people wonder if there is life after death and stories of haunted places and messages from "the other side" are common place. On this show "In-Depth" talks to Mark and Gavin, two people who are and were involved in paranormal investigations. The show tries to dispell some myths as well as coming up with some surprising stories which even make the critics go awe and wonder. The show will also feature interviews with Carol Sterling, one of Scotlands top clairvoyant mediums, and Stewart Keeys, a medium who is well known from his appearances on "Most haunted" and other media outlets. Feel free to browse through their pages: www.carolstirling.co.uk and www.pureconnections.co.uk - NEAR FM is actually mentioned in the "Stewart in the media" section.*

15.08.08 The current state of the music industry - this show comes to you on popular demand. Thomas did a show on the topic back in May on Liber8FM and people talk about it ever since. The show explores the music industry with all its highs and lows. The show features interviews with OneTwo/OMD - musician Paul Humphreys, the legendary Sparks and an interview with Zakk Wylde, who has been inducted at the Rock Musicians hall of fame and named a very influential guitarist. Wylde is best known for his work in both a KISS and an Ozzy Osbourne tribute band. Guest in the studio is Near FM employee and musical expert George Mulcahy. *

22.08.06 Free Leonard Peltier - we will dedicate the whole show to the case of Native American Leonard Peltier who is imprisoned for 31 years for a crime he has not committed.

There is a lot of things you could do in the meantime; an article entitled "Peltier Campaign Steps Up in Ireland," is available on newsstands in An Phoblacht. The link to which is http://www.anphoblacht.com/. Visit the official website of the Leonard Peltier Defence Committee at www.leonardpeltier.net *

29.08.06 Psychonavigation - a double show of 2 hours!! Thomas teams up with his colleague Aoife Nic Canna whose show "Club Choel" usually follows "In-Depth". Psychonavigation is an Irish independent ambient music record label which supports Irish musicians. We will be talking to the people behind the label and play some of the tracks - chill out with us!!

* - subject to change


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