Thursday, June 08, 2006

13.06.06. Climate Change - the topic of our time. Guest in the studio is Niamh Garvey, Policy and Advocacy Officer, Christian Aid. Peter Wise Jackson , director of the Botanic Gardens Dublin, will explain how an ecosystem works and Emma Gibson from Greenpeace will tell us why Nuclear Power isnĀ“t the answer to climate change .... *

20.06.06. Perception - We have a closer look at people who dedicate their lives to music teaching and the perception towards musicians in general. I will be joined in the studio by Simeon Smith, Manager of the MaSamba Samba School in Dublin and by Aaron Kennedy who successfully runs the Drummingacademy. As a give away the Drummingacademy will do a costfree assessment for the first caller. ...*

27.06.06 Afghanistan - It seems to be a never ending story of violence and despair and I will have Mr. Dani Rushan in the studio who gives an oveview of the issues the people in Afghanistan face ...*

03.07.2006 Complimentary Therapies with studio guest Kate Maher who is into Taro Card reading ...*

11.07.2006 The Israel - Palestine conflict - we talked to people in Dublin and Belfast about their thoughts on the topic and our special guest is Dr. Francesco Cavatorta, Law & Governance lecturer at Dublins DCU and an expert in the field...*

* - subject to change


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