Tuesday, May 30, 2006

(Pic: Kraftwerk live, 2004)

The very first show of In-Depth on NEAR FM looks at Globilisation from an African perspective.

Experts Dr. Tajudeen Abdul - Raheen and Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev gave their opinions just recently during the annual lecture of the African Centre on Lower Abbey Street.

A regular feature on In-Depth will be the "Entertainment News" - for this episode we asked visitors of the ZOO about their opinion and highlight the "Save the Rhino" campaign.

All throughout the month of June we will bring you a rather different World Cup special where we donĀ“t talk about Football but about participating countries. Kicking off with the Host country Germany it is a pleasure to play an exclusive Interview with EX - Kraftwerk Karl Bartos before playing one of their most famous tunes.

Tune in on 101,6 or listen to us on the Internet using the Livestreaming option on www.nearfm.ie

In-Depth is on every Tuesday between 3.30p.m. - 4.30p.m.

To come(!)

13.06.06 - Climate Change

20.06.06 - Accomplished musicians (what to do to make it)

27.06.06. - The conflict between Israel and Palestine

(!) - subject to change


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