Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Full steam ahead into the second month:

04.07.2006 Complimentary Therapies - The show explores ways to better well being and positive outlook and features studio guests Kate Maher (Tarot Cards, Numerology) and Nicole Valentin (Reiki Master, Swedish Body Massage Therapist).

11.07.2006 The Palestine - Israeli Conflict - This weeks´ episode highlights the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Apart from a series of interviews that Thomas conducted on the streets of Belfast and Dublin, Thomas will be joined by topic expert Dr. Francesco Cavatorta, Law and Governance lecturer at Dublins´ DCU.

18.07.2006 Lithuania - a country we don´t know an awful lot about will be presented to us by studio guests Laura Down and Jurga.

25.07.2006 MusicTalk - A show in which we discover the people behind the music as it features extracts from interviews with REDNEX MANIFESTO and ASLAN. Thomas will be joined in the studio by his colleague Aurelie Montfrond who recorded and edited the interviews.


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