Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Todays show about "Perception" was great and my guests Simeon Smith and Aaron Kennedy were absolutely great. It was very interesting not only from a musicians point of view. I am sure the next couple of shows will be equally as interesting, so make sure to tune in on TUESDAYS between 3.30p.m. - 4.30p.m.

Upcoming shows:

27.06.06 Afghanistan - It seems to be a never ending story of violence and despair and I will have Mr. Dawi Rushaan in the studio who gives an oveview of the issues the people in Afghanistan face. Dawi is also a poet and a member of the Irish Writers Committee... *

03.07.2006 Complimentary Therapies with studio guest Kate Maher who is into Taro Card reading and Nicole Valentin, Reiki Master ...*

11.07.2006 The Israel - Palestine conflict - we talked to people in Dublin and Belfast about their thoughts on the topic and our special guest is Dr. Francesco Cavatorta, Law & Governance lecturer at Dublins DCU and an expert in the field...*

18.07.2006 The Lithuanians - an indepth look into people from a barely known country*

25.07.2006 The people behind the music - on this show we will play some very honest interviews with famous Irish musicians who reveal a side that is widely unknown. My guest will be my French colleague Aurelie who conducted the interviews*

01.08.2006 HIV/AIDS - we will discuss the issue in its global and local context and explore ways in which to take positive action. I will be joined in the studio by Concerns Global HIV and AIDS expert Breda Gahan among others*

08.08.2006 Paranormal Activities - I will be joined by two gentlemen who took part and also organise paranormal investigations ....*

* - subject to change

Contact the show: indepth@nearfm.ie


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